My experience at VIP Car Wash was unforgettable! As soon as I pulled up I was serviced immediately. The gentleman kindly helped me choose the car wash that best suited my budget and also gave me the best results for my car. When I walked into the waiting area, I was surprised it was like a relaxing spa. Instead of merchandise being thrown in my face, there were comfortable couches and up-to-date magazines. My short 15 minute wait was as pleasurable as it could have gotten. As soon as I cashed out, another gentleman offered me air freshener. Out of the 15 choices, I chose VIP, which is their signature scent. As I inspect my car, it was by far much cleaner than I expected it to be, FOR SO CHEAP!! Thank you VIP, you guys are great!

Margaret Cohen

The service was impeccable. I was very pleased not only with the prices but how easy my needs were met. Inside I was greeted by a very nice young lady. She offered me a ďVIP member cardĒ which gives me automatic 10% off OR I can spin the Wheel of Fortune for up to 50% off. I decided to spin the Wheel and was not upset when it landed on 25%. I am a regular now and every time I go my opinion never changes, this is by far the BEST car wash in town.

Cathie Nash

Out of all the great things VIP car wash has to offer, I am always most satisfied with the outcome of my car. Seeing as how thatís why Iím there lol. No matter what car wash I get, my car is always lookin its best. The guys really take their time. They use a lot of different chemicals that you wouldnít see at a regular car wash. Ever since I bought my car a year ago, VIP car wash has without a doubt helped me keep it in mint condition.

Brandon Clarke

I LOVED Vip car wash. This place is great. Great customer service all around. The waiting area is nice, cool, and relaxing. The outcome of my car was way better that i had suspected. The guys really take their time, no rushing, and got every inch of my car cleaned. The prices are very resonable here too!

boris F, via yelp

WowÖ I was very impressed. My boyfriend told me about VIP Car Wash many times Iím glad that I went there. My car and the service was just fabulous. You should try it too.

Grace M.

I drove by VIP Car Wash many times so I decided to try it. What an awesome job they did. The whole service cost me $12.99-it was a great deal. This is my new car wash from now on.


I have not seen my SUV that shinny and clean on the inside and outside since I purchased my SUV three years ago. Thank you VIP Car Wash I will be there for sure once a week to have my car pampered. Keep up the good work VIP Car Wash.


VIP did an awesome job on my momís car and my car. I have not felt that good about a car wash service in quite a long time.


VIP has a service for just $2.99 so I decided to try it. It was not bad at all -I was impressed. The car was completely cleaned on the outside and it was really shinny. Next time I am planning on getting the full service package. I lobby area was really nice clean and smelled good.


Moving down to Lantana I came across VIP Car Wash . What a great place to get a car wash. The whole experience was flawless from the car wash to the service provided to the pricing. Good job VIP Car Wash!

I have never seen a car wash as nice as this one. It was truly a VIP experience. Itís a 5 star treatment from the service, the personnel, the waiting area with the great smell and all I paid was $12.99. I will never go to another car wash!


Today was my first visit to VIP Car Wash. Friends of mine told me about VIP Car Wash while out having dinner so I decided to try it. To my surprise I was offered a free car wash since it was my first time there. Well I as very satisfied with the service and the price. A great wash, a great price while waiting in a very nice waiting area. I definitely recommend VIP Car Wash.




Rated the #1 Car Wash in South Florida.